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Cinnamon Apples and Crispy Caramelized Toast Recipe

This simple and delicious treat tastes best if you use fresh ground cinnamon and make sure you don’t over-toasted the bread. I came up with this easy recipe because I was too lazy to melt the butter or to spread it on the bread.  Crispy caramelized toast is a good way to use the almost stale bread or even a little stale one. Little princesses have tiny hands, so I cut the toast in little triangles, cooked some cinnamon apples to serve with it, just scoop a little apples on top of the toast, yummy snack is done.


Cinnamon Apples and Crispy Caramelized Toast Recipe (Serve 2)
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Lemon and Lime Sorbet Recipe

I love desserts but they are guilty treat. To satisfy my sweet tooth, so do my little princesses, I have to figure out something healthier. Making fresh fruits sorbet at home for less than a minute using Vitamix (loving my new toy), it tastes incredibly refreshing and delicious, even have health benefits that come along. Lemons and limes contain Vitamin C, calcium, magnesium and lot of minerals and antioxidants that good for our health and skin. It can also use for household cleaning and remove odor. I added half a banana in the recipe to reduce the amount of agave/ simple syrup needed. At the same time, it boosts the health benefit a little with this high potassium fruit.

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朱古力草莓法式薄餅(附食譜) + 免熱免榨果汁榨取法





朱古力粉(無糖)            1/4杯
麵粉                            1杯
發粉                            1茶匙
鹽                                1/4茶匙
糖                                2茶匙

呍呢嗱香油                  1茶匙
雞蛋                            3隻
朱古力味豆漿               1杯
牛油(含鹽)                   1湯匙(塗鍋用)

士多啤梨(切粒)             1磅
糖                                 3茶匙(滿)
士多啤梨忌薕芝士         一盒(Philadelphia牌子)

1. 拌勻砂糖和士多啤梨粒,放入雪櫃冷藏直至法式薄餅煎好;亦可預早一晚預備好.(圖一)

chocolate crepe with strawberries cream cheese 1


3. 用中火燒熱易潔鑊,塗上少量牛油.
4. 加入3湯匙粉漿在中間,輕搖易潔鑊至粉漿均勻沾滿鑊底成圓餅,煮10秒鐘或直至圓邊剛熟.
5. 反轉薄餅再煮5秒,離熱上碟.
6. 重覆步驟3-5,直至所有粉漿用完.

7. 在法式薄餅上,平均塗上士多啤梨忌薕芝士,留約1/2吋圓邊.

8. 加入1湯匙士多啤梨粒,將兩邊向中央摺起(約1吋),然後從底邊向上捲至尾.

9. 在表面加入適量忌薕芝士和草莓粒作裝飾即成.

English version recipe, click here.
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Homemade Chocolate Crepe with Strawberries Cream Cheese Filling Recipe

I love crepes, my girls love strawberries and chocolate, so I made this chocolate crepe with strawberries cream cheese filling for breakfast today. The strawberries were big and sweet, all riped yesterday and I had to preserve it and use them later. By adding a little bit sugar, the strawberries released the juice and prolonged the shelf life, turned into a yummy dessert on its own, or you can make it into this delicious breakfast (you can serve it as dessert too).

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French Toast Recipe


French Toast Recipe:

Challah Bread             1 loaf
Eggs                            4 whole
Half and Half Cream    1.25 cups
Ground Cinnamon       1/2 tablespoons
Ground Nutmeg           1/4 teaspoon
Sugar                           2 tablespoons
Salt                              a pinch
Butter                           for rubbing the grill pan


1. Cut challah bread into 1 inch pieces.

2. Mix the rest of the ingredients (except butter and bread) in a big bowl.3. Heat up a grill pan on medium high, rub a little butter on it.

4. Place bread piece one at a time into the egg mixture. Soak for 10-15 seconds on each side, let enough mixture soak into the bread.

5. Grill the bread for 1 minute on each side, or until it turns golden brown.

6. Add powder sugar or maple syrup as desired. Serve immediately.


1. Bread should be firm to touch when place on the grill. Don’t over soak it.
2. French toasts can be vacuum sealed and store for months.Reheat Method:
1. Place the french toasts on a baking sheets lined with foil.
2. Put french toasts on the middle rack in the oven while preheating the oven to 350F (about 10 minutes), leave it in the oven for 1 minutes after temperature reached. Done.

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