Crochet Water Balloon Pattern (Free)

Life has been crazy. How’s yours? Summer is here and I would like to share with you something my kids love. I was not planning on making these reusable squishy balloons until my patience went out with the little plastic balloons. I was constantly picking up the little plastic balloon pieces everywhere, it caused me headaches and backaches. So, to save some money and frustration in the long run, I opted for the greener version for environment sake and my wallet sake.

Let’s make some crocheted balloon for mama’s fun craft time. Bonus point is the kids get to enjoy the finished products. Win – Win. Join me to make these crochet balloons with my free, simple and easy pattern for outdoor endless fun.

Yes, you heard it right. IT’S FREE!! Summer is hot in Texas and my kids are constantly wanting to get soaked. Pool time had been resulted in sunburns even sunscreen was applied. Yikes! We will go swimming again but may need to wait until evening next time around.

Back to the pattern, I finished the written pattern (see below) and will work on editing the video tutorial soon (will post link here when ready). You can subscribe to and get notification from my Youtube channel now (click here), so you will be amongst the first to know when my latest videos are published and never miss out.

Crochet Water Balloon Pattern (Make about 24 balloons)
(Reusable Crocheted Water Balloon/Sponge)

Yarn: Bernat Baby Blanket Yarn [Buy here](10.5oz/ 300g/ 220 yds/ 201m)
Color: Little Teal Dove
Hook Size: 9mm (M/N) [I use this one]
Gauge: No guage, any water balloon size is good for playing

1. Beg ch 2 counts as 1 st.

Special stitch:
Dec 1 (make 1 decrease): {Insert hook into next st, yo, pull yarn through} Rep { } 1 time. [Yo, pull through 2 loops on hook] Repeat [ ] 1 time. Decrease made.

Beg – beginning
Ch – chain
Dec 1 – make 1 decrease (refers to Special Stitch Instruction)
Dc – double crochet
Sc – single crochet
Slst – slip stitch
St(s) – stitch(es)
Yo – yarn over


Rnd 1: ch 3, 7 dc in 3rd ch from hook, slst into beg top ch (1 in picture) to join. (8 sts)
Rnd 2: ch 2, dc in same st, (2 dc in next st) 7 times, slst into beg 2nd to join. (16 sts)
Rnd 3: ch 2, sc in next st, (dec 1) 7 times, slst into beg sc to join. (8 sts)
Rnd 4: ch 2, sc in next st, (dec 1) 3 times, slst into beg sc to join. (4 sts)
Rnd 5: ch 1, sc in same st, sc in next 3 sts, slst into beg sc to join. (4 sts)
Rnd 6: ch 1, sc in same st, 2 sc in next st, sc in next st, 2 sc in next st, slst into beg sc to join. (6 sts)

Cut yarn and weave in ends.

How to play:
1. Use a bucket fill with water.
2. Soak the water balloons in it.
3. Let the kids throw it at each other, at the ground or aim it at some targets you set up in the backyard.
4. Repeat soaking and tossing them, endless fun.


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