Crochet Water Balloon Pattern (Free)

Life has been crazy. How’s yours? Summer is here and I would like to share with you something my kids love. I was not planning on making these reusable squishy balloons until my patience went out with the little plastic balloons. I was constantly picking up the little plastic balloon pieces everywhere, it caused me headaches and backaches. So, to save some money and frustration in the long run, I opted for the greener version for environment sake and my wallet sake.

Let’s make some crocheted balloon for mama’s fun craft time. Bonus point is the kids get to enjoy the finished products. Win – Win. Join me to make these crochet balloons with my free, simple and easy pattern for outdoor endless fun.

Yes, you heard it right. IT’S FREE!! Summer is hot in Texas and my kids are constantly wanting to get soaked. Pool time had been resulted in sunburns even sunscreen was applied. Yikes! We will go swimming again but may need to wait until evening next time around.

Back to the pattern, I finished the written pattern (see below) and will work on editing the video tutorial soon (will post link here when ready). You can subscribe to and get notification from my Youtube channel now (click here), so you will be amongst the first to know when my latest videos are published and never miss out.

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DIY Orange Peels Cleaner – Simple, Healthy and Affordable Green Living 自製橙皮清潔劑 – 簡易家居環保 經濟又健康

A few years back, my oldest daughter came home from kindergarten and looked distressed. She just learned the hard truth from school about how much damage the mankind has done to the planet we live in. She begged us to plant some trees, in hope of improving the air quality and save the earth. She worried about there will be no clean air for breathing when she grows up. Looking at her scared little face, I decided to get rid the bad reputation as a “plant killer”, started to learn gardening skills and how to live a green life with the kids. To our surprise, green living is not as hard as we thought, it even helps us to stay healthy.

20180409_203700_resized 20180409_201951_resized

Apart from green basics like limiting plastic bags use and sorting trash for recycling, many families face the daily trouble – food waste. The most common problem is we can eat less than what our eyes can see. We cooked way more food than we can consume, then we sent them off the garbage disposal or the junk bay. To avoid food waste, I started to pay better attention to portion control and tried to buy more fresh and package-free products. With these changes, our diet has improved as an indirect result.

My children are sensitive to chemical cleaners, they broken out in hives quite a few times before I learned the correlation. To avoid those harsh chemicals, we learned to DIY natural cleaning products to use around the house, such as “Orange Peels Cleaner” (you can use any citrus peels). This little green cleaner saves the environment and greens in your wallet and it is super easy.

To prepare, you will need:

  1. 20180409_230215_resizedI love this amber spray bottle. Why?
    - Sturdy and well made
    - 2 spray settings: wide spray and stream
    - Made in USA 
    - Amber color blocks UV light (great for essential oil cleaners) 
    - Glass bottle won't react to acid or essential oils 
     You can get it here

How to make it:

  1. In a empty glass jar, fill it up with saved orange peels and/or citrus peels.
  2. Add white distilled vinegar to cover the peels.
  3. Close with lid and place it in a cool dark place for 2 weeks.
  4. Strain orange peels and pour the infused vinegar into a glass spray bottle (buy it here.)


How to use it:

* Always test on unnoticeable area first before use, acidity in vinegar could damage or dull the finish. For example, sealed wood flooring, granite counter top or delicate surfaces *
** Do not use on unsealed wood flooring or furnitures.**
    1. Use it directly on tough grease or hard to clean surface, such as stove top, kitchen sink or bathroom tiles and toilet bowl. Rinse with water.
    2. Dilute it with 50% water, use it for general cleaning. For example, wipe down door knobs, table and chairs, wash dishes, clean windows.
    3. Use it as fabric softer in washing machine (use white vinegar for light and white clothes), simply fill the fabric softer slot with vinegar and run the wash cycle as usual.

Why it work?

Vinegar is one of the safest products (also great for cooking) to use around children, pet and as a general household cleaning agent. It can kill many microorganisms, as effective as commercial cleaning products to kill E. Coli and H1N1 virus, thanks to its pH 2.0 acid content. Those hidden bacteria and mold sitting around the humid corner at your shower? Spray some vinegar instead of bleach to get rid of them. (Attention: DO NOT mix blench with vinegar, it releases “Toxic Chlorine Gas”)

However, not everyone like the smell of vinegar (I am not a fan), so we combined other powerful natural cleaning agents (orange peels, lemon peels, lime peels, grapefruit peels or pretty much any citrus peels) into the mix, making the cleaner more effective and smelling good.

Many food wastes are useful too. If you have small house plants or a garden, start saving your coffee grounds, egg shells and banana peels. Just put them in the soil, it will decompose and become nutrition for your plants. You can also make a indoor compost bin (buy it here) or outdoor compost bin (buy it here) with a metal or plastic bucket, drill some holes at the bottle and start filling it with food wastes. Combine food wastes mentioned above along with other fruits and vegetables wastes, tea (loose leaves tea or biodegradable tea bags) and some soil in the compost bin, stir every 2 weeks and let it break itself down for at least 3 months (add some worms to help along if you desired, but keep the citrus and onion away from the compost, the worms won’t work hard around them). When they composed, you have your own organic matters to make your plants thrive. Pretty awesome, isn’t it?

This blog post is a slightly detailed version of my published Chinese column in newspaper. You can read the original column post below.

Family Column, Page a24 , <am730>Newspaper(Published on Friday, April 13, 2018)


Screen Shot 2018-04-14 at 6.41.01 PM



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自製動力沙 DIY Kinetic Sand Recipe

[文章內容含有商品連結,讀者若透過連結購買商品,本網站可能會獲得小量報酬 (透過連結購物不會影響產品價格,有關報酬將補助網站運作成本,豐富網站未來的內容。感謝您的支持,祝瀏覽愉快。
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材料 Materials:

幼沙 (Play Sand) – 5杯 (5 cups)

水 (Water) – 1杯 (1 cup)

洗潔精 (Liquid Dish Soap) – 2茶匙 (2 teaspoons)

粟粉 (Corn Strach) – 1.5 – 2杯(1.5- 2 cups)

膠桶 (Plastic bucket) – 1個 (1 bucket)

量杯 (Measuring Cups) – 1個 (1)

茶匙 (Teaspoon) – 1隻 (1 spoon)

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Story Book Parade Costumes (Pete The Cat, Poppy Hat (from Trolls)

Happy to start blogging again and I hope this will be a more regular thing for me. I really enjoy writing and sharing all my creations with you. For my long time readers, thanks for being so supportive through out the years, even when I was out for like a whole year with barely any updates. This is a very happy new year update for me, I have been trying a lot of new things and crafts, designing some new and fun things, even attempted to make characters costume. I made my girls Pete the Cat hat and tail (“Pete the Cat” is a super fun series children books, the girls and us love it) and Poppy (from the movie Trolls) hat and dress for their school story book parade. I never do characters or cute crafts (just not great at them, so didn’t even bother to try). Surprisingly, they all came out pretty well and I actually enjoyed creating them. Lily (my younger daughter) even won 1st place for the costume contest for first grade. (Hurray!) She is super excited.

Alexis modeling her Pete the Cat hat, having a lot of fun reading the book while pretending to be Pete.

FullSizeRender 11

She is taking the modeling job really seriously, hid the mouth and pretended Pete.FullSizeRender 8

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Echo is $40 off, only $139 now

Echo is on sales now for $139, it’s $40 off. My husband pre-ordered the Amazon Echo before it came out, it is so convenience I want one in every room in my house. I found myself using it so many times a day and trying to use it in a room that didn’t have one, I ended up ordering another one after we used it for a week. As a busy mom, I am constantly checking what time it is for cooking, school pick up and various reasons, Echo really helps out me out. I can just say out loud what remainders, timers and alarms I want, it answers me instantly and gets it done. For all the “what time is it?”, “how the weather today?” or “set a 10 minutes timer” I ask Echo a day, it already  worth the money, it also works great as a bluetooth speaker too. My girls love it so much and they ask Echo to play background music and songs to dance and sing along all the time.

I would love to get one for every room and it is possible now, they have a cheaper version “Dot“, you probably want a speaker to go with it for better sound quality, but it can work on its own since it does have speaker built-in. We just ordered two of them for the girls’ room as alarm clock and let them listen to music when they read and clean their room.

I am also welcoming the new command “Echo” instead of just “Amazon” or “Alexia“, which were the only two wake words when it came out. We said those two words a lot in the house since we buy most of our stuff from Amazon and my daughter name is so closed to “Alexia” which wake the machine when it is not needed. A further improvement is the users can set up their own wake work to activate the machine.

Clover Amour Crochet Hook is $3.11 only

Since I tried the Clover brand in knitting needles and crochet hooks, I never looked back on my old ones. They are more pricey but not out of reach, especially if you catch a deal on Amazon or craft stores with a half off coupon. Today, my gift order of two sets of Clover Amour Crochet Hooks (set of 10) from Amazon arrived, their price droped from $41.xx to $33.xx when I bought them. It was the lowest price in 12 months. Today, they dropped it to $31.13, it is $3.113 per hook, I decided to upgrade my own set too. Click here to get your set before the price goes up again. 

I had been using Clover Takumi hooks for a long time, they were major upgrade for comfort and ease of use conpared to the Boye hooks, their smooth and rounded hook tips are great for all kinds of yarns. The handle is comfortable to hold with a soft grip on top (works best for pencil holding position). 

I Love Yarn Day

I don’t know when it started to have “I Love Yarn Day”, I am celebrating it anyway. Join me to celebrate this special day for yarns, I am offering my new Crochet Big & Fun Basket Class for FREE (today only). So you can join me and play with yarns. Sign up now.

Little Panda Mommy Creations

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Crochet Big & Fun Basket

It’s 2nd week of Yarntober (see last paragraph to see what is Yarntober), presenting Simply Crochet – Big and Fun Basket on Skillshare. You can take this class and thousands of other classes on Skillshare for only $0.99 for 3 months. Here the class link: . [announcing mode is done]

I saw these huge yarn balls called Bernat Blanket Big in Michael’s Store doing my regular shopping. Bought quite a few (a basket full and a little extra) of them, brought them home and made a couple baskets (still need to go back for more). The basket is big, fun and unique,  it’s also very easy and quick to make. Perfect for a beginner and for anyone at home, great for decorating while have very good storage build in (t’s a basket after all), your pets may ask for one or two too. After the first basket, I decided to make it into a Skillshare class and teach you how to make one.


[Whispering voice: I do not have regular shopping trips but more like yarns hoarding collection trip, my husband will totally verify me on this one since I made him went with me (I was saving money by double saving with his coupon). I told him Fall is here and Winter is coming (any Game of Thrones fans?), holiday seasons are one after the others, I just need to get some more yarns. (I see you nodding right there.) ]
As a result of yarns collection, I borrowed a few of his new plastic bins for storage. He was giving me a hard time/ motivation to get more patterns and Skillshare classes out (how much I love him for this and hate to admit he is a teasing genius at times), he suggested to make October into “Yarntober” – everything about yarn. I take on the challenge happily and play with all my yarns every minutes I could squeeze in my busy mom schedule. The result is, I succeed on delivering one class or one pattern per week in Yarntober. The best part is, I got this crochet basket class out on “I Love Yarn Day”, YESSS! Hurray for me. I got this taped a few days ago and did all the editing and voice over, then something went wrong and I had to redo most of them.
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Crochet Double Ribbed Beanie Pattern

Got my hands on some infamous Caron Cakes, lucky to get one ball of my favorite Faerie Cake color, it begged to be made into something beautiful, timeless and great for everyone. Always wanted to make a fake knit-look crochet beanie, I knew it was the perfect choice combined my love for knitting and crocheting. This is a one size fits most beanie (fits 18-24 inches), timeless and gender neutral. Thanks to the stretch of a fake knit ribbed pattern, it fits my almost one year old boy (18 inches head) with the rim folded up, it also fits my hubby head (23 inches) comfortably.

The pattern is available on my Ravelry Store now, click here to buy.
You can also get it on my Etsy store.

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