自製動力沙 DIY Kinetic Sand Recipe

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材料 Materials:

幼沙 (Play Sand) – 5杯 (5 cups)

水 (Water) – 1杯 (1 cup)

洗潔精 (Liquid Dish Soap) – 2茶匙 (2 teaspoons)

粟粉 (Corn Strach) – 1.5 – 2杯(1.5- 2 cups)

膠桶 (Plastic bucket) – 1個 (1 bucket)

量杯 (Measuring Cups) – 1個 (1)

茶匙 (Teaspoon) – 1隻 (1 spoon)

做法 Steps:

1. 在膠桶中,加入5 杯幼沙、1.5杯粟粉,攪勻。
Combine 5 cups of playsand and 1.5 cups corn starch in a plastic bucket.

2. 加入洗潔精與粟粉沙混和。
Add liquid dish soap in the sand mixture, mix well.

3. 逐少加入水,不停攪拌直至所有水份被平均吸收, 動力沙即完成 。
Slowly stir in water until moisture is evenly absorbed and distributed. Kinetic sand is ready for play.

小貼士 Tips:

1. 動力沙成品觸感是濕潤但不黏手,易於造型。 若用膠刀切割,動力沙會徐徐而下。
Kinetic Sand is moist to touch but nonstick, easy for molding. If you cut the molded sand with a plastic knife, the sand will slowly slide down.

2. 若動力沙太乾,可每次加入1湯匙水混和,直至理想濕度。
If kinetic sand is too dry, add water 1 tablespoon at a time and stir well, until desired consistency.

3. 若動力沙太濕,可每次加入1湯匙粟粉混和,直至理想濕度。
If kinetic sand is too wet, add corn strach 1 tablespoon at a time and stir well, until desired consistency.

玩法 How to play:

* 若在室內玩耍,可先行在地上和桌椅上,用膠枱布墊好,方便收拾。*
* If playing indoor, placed plastic cloth/ mat on table and floor underneath for quick and easy clean up. *

1. 用模具造型, 如小兔、龜或城堡等。
Mold it with molds, e.g. bunny mold, turtle mold or castle mold.

2. 發揮創意,如泥膠做出各種形狀和怪物。
Unleash your creativity, use it as play-clay to create all kind of shapes and creatures.

3. 造型後,用膠刀分切。
Molded and cut it with a plastic knife.

4. 用手將之搓圓、按扁或握碎,感受動力沙的流動和體驗手觸感。
Use your hands to shape it, press it down or crumble it, feel the kinetic sand flowing through your hands and how it touches your skin.

Kinetic Sand Benefits:

For children:

1. 加強兒童觸感。
Strengthen children sense of touch.

2. 增加手和手指的靈活度, 訓練手眼協調。
Increase hands’ and fingers’ dexterity, great for hand-eye coorindation practices.

3. 激發孩子的創造力。
Unleash children’s creativity.

4. 可以站著、坐著玩。
A game to play standing up or sitting down.

5. 可以「獨自玩」或「與親友一起玩」 。
A sole game or play with family and friends.

For adults

1. 減壓  (Stress Relief)

– 當作壓力波用,手執一團沙,壓成一團,然後按扁或搓散。
Use it as stress ball, grab a handful of sand and form a ball, press it or crumble it with your hands.

– 使用模具將沙造型後,用膠刀輕切模型沙,細心觀看沙粒徐徐散下。
Mold sand with a sand mold, use plastic knife to cut and slice through molded sand slowly. Observe and enjoy the sand slow sliding movement, it will calm the mind.

– 坐著看孩子玩耍,不用追跑出汗,享受寧靜和孩子的笑容。
Sit and watch the kids play, no running or chasing with sweats, enjoy the peaceful moment and happy faces on your children.

2. 親子 (Family Bonding)

– 陪孩子一起天馬行空,創造奇特玩意。
Unleash your imagination and create interesting and unique things with your children.

– 在家中玩沙,不用專程到海灘; 不怕曬,可以連續玩上數小時。
Play sand at home, no need to take a trip to the beach. No sun damage (no sunscreen re-application) to worry about, hours-long play time for continuous fun.

– 從玩耍過程中,了解孩子想法,加強溝通和增進親子關係。
Through playing together, you can understand your children better, improve family communication and strengthen the bond.

– 玩樂中的孩子都是快樂的,玩累了的孩子更易在晚間入睡,讓父母早點享受自由時間。
Playing kids are happy kids. Tired kids after play time go to bed without a fuss, free up night time for parents to relax.

3. 去死皮(媽媽玩後的驚喜發現)
Exfoliate Dead Skin (Mommy’s Surprise Discovery After Playtime)

– 玩沙過程中,幼細的沙與雙手磨擦,有磨砂美肌去死皮之效。
During kinetic sand playtime, the fine sand rubs against the hands and exfoliates the dead skin away.

[** 注意: 在成人陪同下,兒童才能玩動力沙。請勿使用動力沙代替美容磨砂,去死皮純粹意外效果,大力磨擦肌膚,易於破損,效果自負 **]
[** CAUTION: Adult supervision is needed at all time while children playing with kinetic sand. DO NOT USE kinetic sand as exfoliation agent, dead skin removal during playtime is a happy coincident, rub roughly with sand can result in skin irritation or breakage. Play with cautions, we are not liable to any injuries or accidental damage to individuals. **]

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