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This is Ling, you may also known me as Little Panda Mommy. I am the blogger, pattern designer, photographer and craft artist behind LITTLEPANDAMOMMY.COM.

In the end of October 2014, I gathered the courage and much needed supports from my family and friends, started my own small online business – Little Panda Mommy Creations Etsy store was born. Then, I started selling my patterns on Ravelry and Craftsy to reach more like-minded artists.

In September 2017, I was honored to became a columnist for 《am730》, a free newspaper that is most trusted and reputable in Hong Kong. I daydreamed to be a writer and ended up writing in the same newspaper with a few authors I looked up to when I grew up. Pretty amazing with such humbling experience.

However, things have been rough in other aspects of life this year. Our family faces a hardship unexpectedly and still going through until this day. Our city had been hit hard by Harvey ( a historic strong hurricane) which left friends and neighbors suffered.

Other countries are dealing with all sorts of horrible natural disasters, some in deep water and some in crumbling stones. It is heart broken to see all these helpless people and there is only so much we can do. Nothing is enough in these devastating situations. The destructions were not only on the properties and environment, it left scars in people hearts whose living through it and/or watching it happened to others. Life must go on. We all need to take everything one step at a time and help each other out. Kindness goes a long way. In this dark time, I witnessed a city full of love, where strangers supporting strangers, neighbors helping neighbors.

We will re-build! It will not be the same ever again. But we all came out stronger, kinder, braver and tougher. The world needs more positive energy and good people than ever before. I want to contribute some of my positive energy through writing and crafts creating to brighten someone’s life, no matter how small a group it maybe. If you find yourself enjoy the site, feel free to join the email list so I can brighten your day with every update coming your way.

About my family:

I have a wonderful husband who supports me in every way possible to make all these blogging and small business dream came true. I am so grateful and lucky to meet him in the other side of the world (Oh, I came from Hong Kong and he is American born Italian). We have a loving family with two beautiful daughters Alexis and Lily, a little boy Ethan and two loyal dogs – Moe and Leo.

My girls love me so much and give me all the confidence in the world by asking mommy to make them everything they come across on TV or in a store. They truly believe if they ask mommy to make something, that specific thing will be handmade at home by mommy and will be delivered to them in a timely manner, I guess I spoiled them and my family a little too much. They are my inspirations, my very loyal customers who never pay me money, instead they pay me with little smiles on their faces and sweet talks with a kiss on the cheek. Their specific requests help developing my crafting skills, I am eager to learn different crafts and techniques, so I can teach them and have some fun mommy-and-me time.

I am going to share my creations on this website, including recipes, free patterns, product reviews, craft ideas, online classes and Youtube videos. I try my best to write the instructions as concise and easy to follow as possible, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. I will reply at my earliest convenience.

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Inspire. Be inspired. Enjoy & Have Fun!

(Little Panda Mommy)

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