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Crochet Double Ribbed Beanie Pattern

Got my hands on some infamous Caron Cakes, lucky to get one ball of my favorite Faerie Cake color, it begged to be made into something beautiful, timeless and great for everyone. Always wanted to make a fake knit-look crochet beanie, I knew it was the perfect choice combined my love for knitting and crocheting. This is a one size fits most beanie (fits 18-24 inches), timeless and gender neutral. Thanks to the stretch of a fake knit ribbed pattern, it fits my almost one year old boy (18 inches head) with the rim folded up, it also fits my hubby head (23 inches) comfortably.

The pattern is available on my Ravelry Store now, click here to buy.
You can also get it on my Etsy store.

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