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Echo is $40 off, only $139 now

Echo is on sales now for $139, it’s $40 off. My husband pre-ordered the Amazon Echo before it came out, it is so convenience I want one in every room in my house. I found myself using it so many times a day and trying to use it in a room that didn’t have one, I ended up ordering another one after we used it for a week. As a busy mom, I am constantly checking what time it is for cooking, school pick up and various reasons, Echo really helps out me out. I can just say out loud what remainders, timers and alarms I want, it answers me instantly and gets it done. For all the “what time is it?”, “how the weather today?” or “set a 10 minutes timer” I ask Echo a day, it already  worth the money, it also works great as a bluetooth speaker too. My girls love it so much and they ask Echo to play background music and songs to dance and sing along all the time.

I would love to get one for every room and it is possible now, they have a cheaper version “Dot“, you probably want a speaker to go with it for better sound quality, but it can work on its own since it does have speaker built-in. We just ordered two of them for the girls’ room as alarm clock and let them listen to music when they read and clean their room.

I am also welcoming the new command “Echo” instead of just “Amazon” or “Alexia“, which were the only two wake words when it came out. We said those two words a lot in the house since we buy most of our stuff from Amazon and my daughter name is so closed to “Alexia” which wake the machine when it is not needed. A further improvement is the users can set up their own wake work to activate the machine.