Finally bought the Clarisonic

Saw it on TV for a while and heard it is a great product, however the price tag for a cleaning brush is quite expensive. Really want the Clarisonic Plus (because I kind of want the body brush) but I ended up ordering the Mia. It is a traveling size Clarisonic, very new to the market and the price is much more reasonable. I don't really care about the speed mode and such, the reason for wanting the Plus is able to do the body too. Eric said I should order the Plus but I can't stand the idea of paying almost double the price for one extra function. So, I ordered the Mia to try it out and hope Eric will not steal it from me (a lot of men use it and love it too). Maybe I won't mind if he steal it because I will have a reason to buy the Plus (if I like it that much, haha). I can't wait it to be delivered.

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