pull up

I woke up Alexis in the morning for breakfast a few days ago, she was so happy to see me and held my hands to help herself sitting up as usual. As soon as she sat up, she started to pull herself up in a continuous motion. She made me realized how strong her little legs became. Actually she has strong legs all along since she was inside me. She always gave me hard kicks that were so uncomfortable (sometimes very painful) in the third trimester.

Now, she is like showing off her strong legs all days long. Reaching for my hands to hold hers so she can sit and stand up. Still working on her crawling, getting better and better, her belly can lift up an inche from the ground now. I am kind of convinced that she may stand alone or even walk before she can crawl. (she knows how to move left then right legs since she was 2 weeks old)

Love being a mom and spending all the time with my loving family. I think God put me in the best position I can be. So blessed and thank you God.

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