enjoy making baby food

Alexis finished her 1st baby food a month ago, mother-in-law made her some peas and it tasted much much better than those prepared one. (even I don't like peas, I like the one she made). So I decided to make her food by myself. The next day, Eric and I went to the store and bought some fruits (her favorites : apples and bananas, I picked a butternut squash to try too). We went home and started chopping them in very small cubes, steamed them and ground it. She likes them all. And mommy likes the butternut squash so so much (my god, it is so tasty, I want to eat them all).

I don't know why people say making your own baby food is cheaper. It is not the case for me at all. But at least I know what is really going in my baby tummy, and it is much fresher and tastier. I made some more baby food yesterday since we only have apple sauce and banana (one of each) left. I made some carrots and pears this time. The pears are just ripe, I love them so much. The carrots are really sweet and the bright orange color is so going to catch her eyes. I need to make some more apple sauce later, I got a 10 pounds bag and hope it can make quite a lot. Love making the baby food. 🙂

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