Easy French Onion Soup Recipe (3 ingredients in 30 minutes)

I tried French onion soup once in a chain restaurant 7 years ago, that was the first time and last time for me. Since that bad experience, I told my husband this soup would never make it in my kitchen. One day out of nowhere, my husband had this soup in mind and requested it for dinner. So much for the “never” like many things, I made this super easy and crazy good French onion soup to go with a spring mix salad. It was a hit and changed my opinion of French Onion Soup forever. My daughters loved it so much, they asked me to make this soup just a few day later. This healthy and yummy soup need 3 ingredients only and take less than 30 minutes from scratch to the table.

French Onion Soup RecipeImage

4                             Onions (large, sliced)
32 ounces              Beef Broth
3-4 tablespoons    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
To taste                  Salt (optional)

Le Creuset 24 cm round pot (Lodge 4-quart round dutch oven cook it even faster)

1. In a pot, add olive oil over medium heat until very hot (smoking).
2. Add onion and cook until caramelized. (Tip: Stir occasionally and/or lower heat to avoid burning if necessary)
3. Add beef stock and stir well. Lid on until the soup comes to a boil. Lower heat to medium low and cook for 10 minutes. Heat off and serve.
4. Add salt, shredded cheese and croutons if desired.

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