Waterless Poached Egg Recipe (Steam oven version)

Poached eggs are not difficult to make at all, drop an egg in a pot of hot water with some vinegar, sounds super easy, right? But a good looking poached egg is not easy to make at all. Now, I find the most convenient way to make it pretty without the water, without the uneven edge of the egg white and it is perfectly cooked every time. The secret is my new kitchen toy – Steam Oven.

Do you what to have a bite of it? I do. DSC_0107

Waterless Poached Egg Recipe (Steam Oven Version)

Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam and Convection Oven
Small bowl or Ramekin

1                   Egg
To Taste     Pink Salt  (Optional)
To Taste     Green Onion (finely sliced, Optional)

1. Take an egg out from refrigerator and crack into a ramekin. Place in the steam oven, choose “Steam” function, set the temperature to 210F and cook for 13 minutes. Serve with green onion and pink salt if desired. DSC_0096


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