Make Breakfast Fun and Easy


This is our breakfast this morning. Perfect mommy and me meal to start the day. Super easy and didn’t take much time to prepare. The best part is the little princesses not only eat well, but also have so much fun making their own food.

This breakfast taco let the little ones pick whatever they like to put in their breakfast taco, assemble them together and eat it right away. Just like playing but they can even eat it afterward. This helps picky eaters in a way that they have the control over what goes in, also the more involvement of the food making process, the more likely they will eat it.

It is easy for parents too. All you need to do is heated up the fat-free refried beans or any beans of your choice (for fiber and protein), baked the pre-made cinnamon rolls (you can bake homemade breads, for carbohydrate) and scrambled some eggs (for protein).

Then, rinse and cut some fruits and vegetables, they look colorful and make them want to eat them even more. My girls love blueberries and tomatoes, both are good source for antioxidants and vitamin C.  Lastly, we offered some yogurt and milk (for the calcium intake).

We love weekend breakfast, everyone sits around the table making food together, chatting and watching cooking show at the same time. What not to love?

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