Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipe (Fast and Easy Breakfast in 5 minutes)

Quick and easy is very important for my breakfast routine because my little girls usually want to eat right away in the morning. I used to buy a lot of cereals, even though most of them are whole grains cereals, there are some ingredients I rather my children not to consume in a daily basis.

So I have been coming up with something homemade, tasty, easy and nutrition dense. The most convenient breakfast is – Fresh Fruit Smoothie. All you need is a blender (food processor work fine too), wash the fruits and add all ingredients, sugar is optional, a healthy breakfast drink is done in 5 minutes.

Fresh Fruit Smoothie Recipe:


1/4 cup     Blueberries
1/4 cup     Strawberries
14 cup      Banana
1/4 cup    Kiwi
1/3 cup    Plain Low Fat Yogurt
1/2 cup    2% Milk

1. Peel, rinse and chop the fruits.
2. Put fresh fruits in smoothie cup (use food processor as alternative).
3. Add yogurt and milk.
4. Cover with lid and place on smoothie machine, blend well and serve.


1. Feel free to substitute the fruits, the yogurt into Greek yogurt or any favored yogurt. Keep in mind the lesser the ingredients listed in yogurt, the better it is.
2. Chill or freeze the fruits ahead, or add a few ice cubes to make it cool for hot summer days.
3. Sugar is optional. Pick fully ripped fruits can avoid adding sugar altogether.
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