Labor day weekend

Three days long weekend has been spending on playing with the girls and cleaning the house up. Finally we could play outside with them since the Tropical Depression was hitting the State next to us. It brought us some clouds and cooler temperature so we can go out without melting. 

Grandpa sent the girls some bubble mowers last week. Now they could try it out in the front yard. It was so much fun for them to run in the yard and look at the roses. The only problem was the mowers needed to be going really really fast to generate bubbles. So the girls weren't really able to make it happened by themselves. Alexis was quite upset about the fact nearly no bubble came out when she pushed it herself. Eric told her the machine was kind of broken and she thought it was her fault. Silly thing, I had to explain to her what the real problem was and there was nothing to do with her. So, we ended up brought out the Elmo Bubble Machine to play with them. They had a much better time chasing and dancing with the bubbles, looking at Elmo blew the bubbles and poked at the bubbles until they popped.

After a fun day yesterday, Eric and I talked until 3am this morning trying to figure out how to rearrange the furniture again so they will have more room to play. I couldn't believe we talked for 3 hours since mid-night to discuss rearranging the house for the 10th times (at least). 

Having kids and all the furniture from the condo were not helping things. I got the house just right after moved in for a year. Then, my first little angle came along and things needed to be moved around. Her stuff was like a major explosion in a short month, it got much worse after her 1st Christmas. After that, I got it almost right again when she was 1. A few months later, my second little angle came to join the explosion party her sister already started (It was actually grandparent and daddy excessively buying stuff for them). With two kids, everything had to moved around again because we needed baby and toddler stuff at the same time.

A few months later, parent-in-law was planning to sell the condo where we lived before. So almost all the furniture were moved to our house (their house was so full). This wasn't really a problem, I though I would have more than enough room for all of them. They stored in the house without a problem, but not really blended in with the rest of the house. I tried very hard to arrange them to make it work. But Eric keep changing his mind on how he wanted his office and the game room to be used. Including this time, we has been making his office a temporary storage room for the 4 times. 

With all the toys and activity table, my living room started to look like crazy again and they are not playing with most of the toys. I started to remember there were some big size toys upstairs didn't even been play for a year which Alexis loved. Now Lily is bigger and more mobile, it's time to move things around so they can play them again. And I would love to used the game room more. So, after our long talk last night (early this morning), we moved things around a little while they played upstairs. Hopefully it will be done tomorrow so I can pull out the crawling tunnels and roller coaster for them to play. Lily should have a good time with it and Alexis will definitely be thrilled.  

Apart from the inside of the house, we did some cleaning up at the back yard too. It was nice out and windy, a good day to get some outside work done. Eric cleaned up the planting beds and the weeds in between the beds. I rolled up the bird net and scooped up all the dogs poo. He was planned to mow the yard too but it was getting late. We have to let the dogs out and go for a late lunch. Good choice picking the salad bar, the girls loved it and got compliments from a school teacher sat nearby. I am so proud of them and like the culture of giving compliments to people you don't know while they did something good. That is just a nice thing to do and Hong Kong people should really learn from it. There was so much complaints and people always take everything for granted. So rude and so mean. 

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  1. Nickleojosh

    We used to have a bubble mower like that too! Bring bakc memories…
    [Nickleojosh回覆04/06/2012 20:18:35]It was quite nice and worked okay. I don't know if we gave it away of sold it now. That was many years ago…
    [版主回覆03/16/2012 06:16:35]Nickleojosh, ours didn't work that great. Did yours work fine?


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