Educational iPhone or iPad App reviews (Highly Recommended)

Panda Daddy found a few educational iPhone and iPad apps that work quite well with the little pandas, there are some of the reviews for them.

Cheeky Panda is 2.5 years old now, here's her favorites apps:

Monkey Preschool Lunch Box (
Cost: $0.99 (Highly Recommended)

What the app do: It teaches the children shapes, colors, numbers, alphabets, matching, counting, problem solving and motors skill through little game tasks.

Why it works: Cheeky Panda has been playing with the game for 2 months. From the very first time, the colorful app with cute little monkey capture her attention right away. She tried to play with it all by herself since the beginning. With successful and fail attempts, she learned the shapes, colors, numbers and matching (which I tried so hard to teach her but failed) very well. Somehow she just figured out all these complicated concepts through the game herself without me explaining much. She can match and find the different object from a group easily now. At the same time, her motors skill and problem solving skills are clearly improved since she need to use her little fingers to drag and place some puzzle pieces to form some fruits' shape. Therefore, she is learning different kind of fruits also.

Monkey Math School Sunshine (
Cost: $0.99 (Highly Recommend)

What the app do: It teaches numbers, pattern, counting, concept of more or less and simple calculus (sum and minus)

Why it works: It shows the pattern along with narration, which have a blank in between, for the kids to pick 1 out of 3 objects to fill it. I found out the narration of the pattern actually help a lot for her to understand what is going on.

For counting and numbers, she has to connect the numbers dots from 1 -14 (more or less numbers) accordingly, so the turtle can cross the sea. She can count from 1 – 14 now, thanks to the turtle count along every dot he through.

There are four groups of sea creatures or objects to choose from, she has to pick the one with the most or the least. 

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