Knit Lace Shawl (Caplet)


I love the look of a nice lace shawl but never knit one all these years. Oh, I missed out a lot. I guess there just wasn’t any occasion to wear a beautiful shawl in my life yet. Until last month, my mother-in-law found this gorgeous pattern on Vogue Knitting and asked me to make it for her, she even let me pick out any yarn to make it.

Thanks for her trust and let me loose on the yarn budget, too many beautiful choices and we had to picked one, she and I were sitting in her living room browsing between a few hand dyed yarn stores online and took quite a while until we decided on a silk worsted weight yarn that would be perfect for the project.

I just love the lace pattern so much, so elegant and gorgeous.  3-DSC_0015

Even the lace border is so beautiful, I will totally make something out of that border pattern just by itself.4-DSC_0010

It was the first time I used hand dyed silk yarn, the experience was amazing, so soft to touch and the colorway was just breathtaking. Hand dye my own yarn is on the top 5 things to be accomplished in 2015, I just need to found my alpaca yarn supply first (of course, this is also one of the top 5 things to do). Seem like 2 out of 5 high priority things are yarn related. “Surprise!? ” as my husband rolling his eyes and laughing at me. These were the 2 things I has been talking for the last few months, he was more surprised there wasn’t any supply for the hand dye project yet. (I promise, it won’t be long.)5-DSC_0026

As I look at the picture, I really want to make a knit hat and try to make some socks (knitting socks never interested me until like 3 days ago, don’t ask me why). So many things and crafts I wanna try this year, leather making is also high on the list.


Oh, I still owe you guys the tutorial on the flower coaster, blaming on the grayish sky for poor lighting and my 30 days and still going sickness that never leave me. My voice is almost back and I will do the video as soon as possible. Stay tuned.

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