7 Ways To Wear Arm Knitted Scarf


It is always enjoyable to knit with chunky or bulky yarn, the thicker the yarn, the faster the project get done. I thought of using my fingers and arm to knit years ago after I got new yarns and didn’t have any needles with me. However, I bought mostly worsted weight or sport weight yarn back then, fingers or arm would do me no good.

How to get this look is super easy, read on. If you want to purchase this scarf, click here.1-DSC_0102

Who know years later, arm knitting is the new hit thing. So I went to my stash and gave it a try while watching TV with hubby one day, made myself a first arm knitted scarf with this delicious candy pink wool, so cute and soft, my girl are begging me to make them one. With the width and length of the arm knitted scarf, there are so many ways to make it work for almost every occasion.

Way 1 to wear arm knitted scarf:
I wear my scarf like this most of the time, just find the middle of the scarf, hold it with one hand and wrap the rest behind the neck to the other side with the other hand, pull the ends through where the two layers formed from folding the middle together. Done.



Way 2 to wear arm knitted scarf:

Do it as way 1, just stretch it wear the middle folded to form the loop, and do so to the ends after pulled through the loops, just a little pulling make it look thicker and more chunky.3-DSC_0094

Way 3 to wear arm knitted scarf:

Now, this may look complicated but it is absolutely super easy to do. Just wear as my usual way (as way 1), then loosely lift both side up and above the shoulders, let the ends fall behind your back and style a little in the front to create the careless draping. Easy, right? No kidding.


Way 4 to wear arm knitted scarf:
Loosely loop around the neck twice and tug in both ends is causal and effortless.1-DSC_0082

Way 5 to wear arm knitted scarf:
Twisted the scarf as you loop around the neck twice, then tug the ends in, a neat and cowl looking scarf.5-DSC_0070

Way 6 to wear arm knitted scarf:
Wrap around the neck once and tug in one end, hold the other end corner, over and above the opposite shoulder and drop it on the back, let the front drape very loosely in the middle.


Way 7 to wear arm knitted scarf:
Wrap around the neck once, pull a corner on the right side end to drop behind the left shoulder, and pull a corner on the left side end to drop behind the right shoulder, let the overlapped section drape loosely in the front, you can adjust the big drape a little to the left or to the right, which may work great for some outfits better.7-DSC_0058

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