Hash-brown and sunny side-up eggs recipe (Healthy and Easy Breakfast in 15 minutes)

Hash brown and sunny side-up eggs, pairing with fresh fruits, is a very healthy and easy breakfast. Make some coffee and tea, or a glass of milk to go with it, an appealing and nutritious homemade breakfast is done in 15 minutes.

hashbrown breakfast

Hash-Brown and Sunny Side-Up Eggs Recipe

32 oz         Hash Brown
3                Eggs
4 tbsp       Vegetable Oil
1/4 cup     Green Onion (thin sliced)
To taste    Shredded Sharp Cheddar Cheese
To taste    Fresh Ground Pepper
To taste    Salt

Cast Iron Skillet  (Le Creuset 26cm Skillet in Kiwi, as shown)
8 inches Non-stick pan (Gordon Ramsay by Royal Doulton)

1. Heat up the skillet over medium heat until very hot.
2. Add 2.5 tbsp oil and hash brown into hot skillet, sear and cook for 7 minutes.
3. Flip the hash brown, add 1 tbsp oil and cook for 5 minutes or until inner temperature reach 160F degree.
4. While waiting the hash brown to cook through, add 1/2 tbsp oil in non-stick pan over medium heat until very hot.
5. Crack 3 eggs (be careful not to break the yolks) and lower to medium low heat, cook for 2 minutes and cover with lid for 1 minute, lid and heat off.
6. Add sunny side-up eggs on top of cooked hash brown, sprinkle green onion, cheese, salt and pepper to taste.

oz = Ounce(s)
tbsp = Tablespoon(s)
F = Fahrenheit

Hashbrown with eggs

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