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New Kitchen Toys 新廚房小助手

I have been looking for some dishes in different shapes and sizes, so the whole family went for a treasure hunt yesterday. To my surprise, I found most the things I was looking for and bring home some extra. A few of the new toys has already been played with (used) tonight, so pretty! Let’s see what my plates hunting turned into, mainly Le Creuset (LC) again, I was as surprised as you are now.

媽媽近來努力尋找不同形狀與大小的碟子.昨天,一家人齊齊去尋寶去.意料之外,真的找到大部分想要的東西,還找到一些額外收穫.今晚已經為幾樣新玩具開光,好美啊!大家看看尋寶結果,竟然敗了很多LC,媽媽與你們一樣驚訝呢! Continue reading