Pineapple Slicer Review

I have heard about the pineapple slicer for quite a while. Every time I saw a presentation on TV, I went online and checked out the product reviews, which were half good and half bad. Some people said it was easy to use while others said it was hard to turn and pull the sliced pineapple out. That stopped me from ordering.

Luckily, my loving and generous parent-in-laws, who know how much I love single purpose tools, got me this new toy to add-on my kitchen tools collection.

This pineapple slicer comes in 2 parts: the blue top rubble handle and the metal body.

pineapple slicer

The pineapple slicer is easy to use.
1. Simply cut off the top of the pineapple, then push the circle bottom into the middle of the pineapple (the core).
2. Hold the pineapple body with one hand, turn the blue handle clockwise with the other hand until the bottom are reached, where the tool stops going down and it is time to pull.
pineapple slicer 1 pineapple slicer 2 pineapple slicer 3

3. Push the top button (on top of blue handle) to release handle, flip the tool upside down and the pineapple will slide down. Pulling the spiral pineapple apart to loosen up will help this process.

pineapple slicer 4 pineapple slicer 5 pineapple slicer 6 pineapple slicer 7

The tool is much better than I imagined. Some users complained it was hard to turn and pull. As a petite size woman, not at all strong, I found this tool really easy to use and clean. Since the slicing all happened inside the pineapple, the juice is well contained. That means no mess, no spill or sticky counter top to clean afterward.

The pineapple was evenly sliced and very little fresh was left behind. It was the best way I ever tried to slice a pineapple. Loving it.

Another benefit? Cut the core of the pineapple with a knife, then you have a beautiful container to serve beverage. Bonus.

Now, it is time to enjoy some sweet and juicy pineapple with vanilla ice cream, a nice way to cool off in this hot summer day. Enjoy.

pineapple slicer 8

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