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Just some pre-birthday thoughts

A few more days, it will be my birthday and it will be a special one. Not like there will be any crazy celebration or anything, I just really happy to be where I am right now. I feel contained and full of creative energy, eager to learn and dip my toes in different aspects.

I have a happy family, a wonderful and supportive husband, two beautiful and loving daughters, two loyal dogs, living in a comfortable home. All these happened in a very short period of time, way shorter than I could imagine. I never thought I could achieve this much at this early age, this is truly a gift from God, I am so grateful and couldn’t be more lucky.

In the last few months, a lot of good and bad things had happened and affected me and my family. Many happy and important first time events and sadly a last lifetime event for a beloved one.

With all these life events go on, I learned to cherish family and friends at a whole new level, work harder than forever in a very long time. I saw a light in me that hadn’t been burning started a little spark, it has been flickering and growing stronger.

Since motherhood, I have learned so much and the girls inspired me everyday. The ways they see the world and the trust and confidence they have in me, gave me the courage to start a new chapter in my life and overcame the fear which was the greatest weakness within my own mind.

Being a mother, I feel like nothing in this world could be more challenging and nerve wrecking. When they were infants, it was their lives and well beings all in your hands. As they grew, it is a whole new level of mental, physical, academical, emotional challenges. Some lucky days they are angels and sweet hearts, however, the majority of days feel more like fighting with at least one little handful. At the same time, moms have to control their own emotions and make sure everyone are sane and things are under control inside their households.

I used to be multitasking in all my old jobs, none of them quite measured up to this one. I love this no paid but somehow the best job in the world. There is nothing more fulfilling than watching your children grow and change everyday. I learn more about myself, my spouse through them in a daily basis. They taught me so many things in such a short time that I am amazed with the super mom power hidden in every woman.

I’m just too happy and glad to have you, my loyal readers and friends to be here to share my little crazy thoughts of the night before my birthday. I hope to update more often in the future, share more recipes, crafts and everyday life in this little corner of mine.

Wish you all a happy holiday. Stay warm and remember to tell your loved one how much you love them in a daily basis.

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