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Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles Recipe

One of my favorite street food in Hong Kong is egg waffles. They are tiny ball-shaped waffles, fluffy inside but crispy on the outside, you pull them apart and eat them one by one, yummy. I used to buy them everyday after school for snack, the hawker made them fresh to order, so I got to watch how was it made and learned a little techniques here and there.

So glad to find the egg waffles pan in the USA finally, I can try to make this yummy street food at home. The best part is to see my girls happy faces when they stuffed their mouth full of little waffles. They enjoyed watching mommy make the cute yummy waffle balls , just like I used to watch the hawker cooked them in the street, like mother like daughters. They learned stories about mommy’s school life in Hong Kong, and how to say egg waffles in Cantonese (雞蛋仔,which pronounces “kite down jei “), it was so much fun.


Hong Kong Style Egg Waffles Recipe  (Make 4)
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