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Christmas in July

I still don't understand what is Christmas in July, all I know is they started
to display some Christmas stuff in July. Normally, we won't started Christmas
shopping until October as the earliest. But we started quite early for Alexis
this year since one of the presents is quite high demand. 

Eric and I saw these American Girl Dolls last year while I was pregnant
with little princess. If we could ensure she is a girl, we would have bought
some already. Anyway, we decided if the baby is a girl, it will be her
collection on top of whatever she likes. These dolls honestly is quite expensive
(actually very expensive in my opinion) but very well made. They pay so much
attention to details and come with all kinds of accessories that you can think
of and more. We got her the doll of the year 2009 and some accessories to start
the collection (since it is the year she was born) which does not count as a
christmas gift. Then we got her the Bitty Twins special set as one of the
Christmas presents. I had a hard time choosing the color of the hair, I like the
blonde one but also the brunette. We ended up choosing the bernette one and may
be I will buy the blonde one for myself in the future, haha. Until she is old
enough, I guess 4 is the right age, we will let her choose one of the
look-like-me dolls. (I kind of want one too…already being teased by Eric so
many times). 
Here is the doll of the year – Chrissa
(picture come from qvc.com) 
The Bitty twins and the costumes

bitty twins



(Pictures come from americangirl.com)