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My BE collection

Tried for so long to find the right skincare and makeup but didn't have much luck. Heard that Bare Escentuals is good for all skin types and I decided to give it a try. So far I like it and it is good to know they will not expire because they are crushed minerals. 

Eric saw a Platinum collection (make with real crushed platinum, wow) and bought it for me. He thought the color is really nice and I may like it. Wearing platinum on the face and body is really fun and sparkly, I love it. He said there are diamond, gold and rose gold collections, I should try them next. (He really want to buy the gold collection and put it on baby, I told him don't even think about it).

After using it for a week, my skin is softer and the tone is more even. I like the night revival treatment the best and will check it again after 30 days. Hope it will minimize my poles and black heads as the description claims.

Here are some of the products