Steamed Chinese Sweet Sesame Buns Recipe

Steamed sweet sesame bun is my favorite bun in Dim Sum restaurant since my dad introduced it to me when I was young. It is so sweet and flavorful in one little cute bun.

I hadn’t been able to locate them anywhere nearby in USA (restaurants or frozen products). So I tried to create it with the memory of my taste buds, it turned out really good. When I had it back in Hong Kong, the sweet sesame filling was lava-like and really smooth. This recipe makes a crumbly filling (I like the texture) instead of creamy and lava-like filling. If you like a smooth texture, follow the tips below the recipe.


Steamed  Chinese Sweet Sesame Buns Recipe (Makes 16)

16 pieces                                   Bun Dough(Recipe here)
1 cup + 1.5 tablespoons      White Sesame Seeds
1 cup                                          Sugar (adjust to taste)
1/2 cup                                      Water
1/4 teaspoon                            Salt
1 tablespoon                             All purpose Flour

Cuisinart CSO-300 Combo Steam and Convection Oven
Wolfgang Puck Small Frying Pan
Parchment Paper
Kitchen Aid Food Processor
Bamboo Steamer (Optional)


1. Heat frying pan over medium low heat, toast sesame seeds until golden brown.

2. Add salt and flour in pan, mix well. Stir in sugar and water, cook until dissolved. (Pic 1)

3. Add sweet sesame seeds mixture into food processor, turn it on until mixture became paste. (Pic 2)

4. Line the bamboo steamer or baking tray with parchment paper.

5. Take a piece of bun dough roll into ball shape, then press into a round disc, press slightly thinner on the edge. Spoon a rounded tablespoon sesame paste in the middle of the dough, close the bun by gathering the edge, give it a little twist and tug it in by a slight press. (Pic 3)

6. Place the bun with the twisted side down on bamboo steamer. Repeat step 5-7 until all buns are made.

7. Steam 6-8 buns at a time, choose “steam” function, set the temperature to 210F for 20 minutes, let it sit for 3 minutes before removing from steam oven. Repeat this step until all buns are cooked. (Pic 4)

If you want Smooth and Lava-like Sweet Sesame Filling:

1.  Put toasted sesame into food processor immediately, run until sesame seeds turn into powder. Add water, salt, flour and sugar into the food processor and blend together until smooth.
2. Add 1 tablespoon water in food processor at a time until sesame filling turn into a smooth paste. (Tips: It should be a paste, not liquid)

Pic 1

Pic 2 DSC_0146

Pic 3DSC_0147

Pic 4DSC_0151

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