Simple Fruits Salad Recipe

Fruits Salad is so simple, no cooking skill is needed. It is so colorful, healthy and nutritious, a great breakfast choice, afternoon snack or serve it as a side. Kids love it so much, watch out they will eat yours too.

Simple Fruits Salad Recipe 簡易鮮果沙律食譜

Simple Fruits Salad Recipe

Fruits (Any fruit can go in it)
Fresh Lemon / Lime Juice (to taste)


Cube or ball (use a melon-baller) the fruits, squeeze some fresh lemon or lime juice, mix them well and serve immediately.


1. Pick fresh, firm to touch and fragrance fruits, that is the indicators for most ripe and sweet fruits.

2. All fruits taste different, always taste them before you add too much juice into the fruits salad.

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