My little sweet heart

Alexis gave me a few surprises in the last week. First, she slept through the night since last Friday (for 8 hours, thanks God). She even slept for 9 hours the night before. As I read the information from the Pediatrician, breastfed baby may only sleep for 4-7 hours until 6 months old. I already prepared to wake up every 4 hours until her 1 year old birthday (if I am lucky to have 4 hours every night). Still can't believe she really slept through the night. Anyway, I still wake up every 4 hours to check on her and change her diaper. I keep reminding myself and know for fact that is normal for her need to eat in the middle of the night once a while, but I am crossing my finger that won't happen too often, none will be even better.

Secondly, she rolled over and rolled back up from her tummy all in one day within like 15 minutes. I was so excited when I saw it yesterday. I wasn't expected it at all and couldn't believe what I just saw. Eric called from work and I told him what just happened. He came home and Alexis did him a favor to rolled back up from tummy, but she refused to show off the roll-over skill. haha.

Thirdly, after her almost 9 hours sleep last night, she found her toes and touched it twice this morning while I changed her diaper. This is two days in a row she gave me surprises when I was not expected.

It is so amazing a little baby grow so fast and bring so much joy that you can't even describe it. I am so grateful to have such a wonderful family and able to be a full time housewife and mother. I can't imagine if I miss any of these moments I experienced and look forward to having some more.

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  1. Ka Lui Alice

    睇黎你真係好 enjoy being a full time mum.  加油呀!!! both u and alexis!
    [版主回覆06/05/2009 01:52:00]Yes, I do enjoy it a lot. Eric always say this is the prefect job I have been looking for.


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