My garden is growing

The roses was planted 6 weeks ago and they started to bloom around a week ago. The light pink one closest to the front door bloomed first. Now the yellow knockout roses in the bay and the purple roses on the side of the garage is blooming. The darker pink roses should bloom in these few days, the latest one as we thought it would be is the red one. 

Eric ended up brought me raspberry and blackberry bushes instead of the citrus tree which cannot be shipped to Texas. Now 4 of them are flowering and maybe we will have berries to eat soon.

The vegetable garden we put in the backyard is almost finished. We transplanted the tomato plants and green bell pepper. Lettuce and spinach seeds are sown in the little garden bed, green onion and parsley seeds are in little pots. So far only the lettuce and green onion seeds germinated. 7 kinds of herbs are in two rectangle pots and growing healthy. We already used some chives in fried rice one day. 

We still have one big planting bed to put in the yard. I guess by this weekend, we can put it out there and hopefully the seeds I started these two days will be big enough to transplant. The cantaloupe and lettuce seeds started in two days, some green onion seeds started today (3 days) but other don't have any sign yet.

Pink rose closest to the front door

Alexis 916


when it open all the way, it looks like this

Alexis 851


The purple roses started blooming yesterday

Alexis 888


Alexis 943


Alexis 890


Alexis 889


The yellow knockout roses in the bay

Alexis 892


Alexis 904


The raspberry flower

Alexis 911


Tomato plants ready to transplant

Alexis 738


Planting beds in the backyard

Alexis 935


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