maine lobster is so good

After feeding the baby, Eric and I went for lunch and did the shopping for the week. I got the recipe from mom and hopefully can find some time next week to make the brownie. While I picking out the vegetables, Eric saw some live lobsters and asked if I would like some. I wasn't really planning on a fancy dinner but I would never turn one down. There was an expert to help customers pick the lobster.  We were just looking at first but ended up with 2.  He was so nice and taught us how to cook it.We finished up our shopping quickly and went straight home.  

As soon as we got home, we started to cook the lobsters. It didn't take long and we decided to steam some aspargus to go with it.  Oh God, they are ridiculously delicious. They were just the perfect size about 1 lb each and it filled my stomach all the way.  Very satisfied. 

Still alive in the sink

Cooked and ready to be eaten

So big and tasty, yummy yummy

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