Little Princesses Trained in the Dentist Office 小公主的實戰牙醫診所

We went to the dentist office for regular check up early in the morning. As soon as we opened the door, the hygienist said “my favorite kids are here” in a very excited tone. The little princesses went inside and discovered the toys hiding between the sofa and the chairs for the first time. With mommy approval, they sat on the floor and played happily until the hygienist called our names, they picked up the toys and followed her inside very nicely.


dentist visit

dentist visit 1

dentist visit 2

Both of them wanted to be the first one. Lily climbed on the chair as soon as she reached the room and Alexis was so nice to let her little sister go first. They watched how everything work in the office very closely and learned a lot because the hygienist would let them touch and teach them how to use the real tools.

兩姐妹都很想第一個做檢查.晴晴走到入房立即爬上椅子上,姐姐乖乖地讓妹妹先行檢查.她們很專注地觀察診所的運作,學了很多東西,因為助護姐姐不僅讓她們觸摸真實工具,還教她們如何使用呢!dentist visit 4

Alexis was really to help. Lily wore the sunglasses and really for check up.
大公主準備就緒做助手.二公主戴了黑超預備做檢查.dentist visit 5

She was so anxious to get working.
她很心急想立即幫手.dentist visit 6

Lily was really scared last time. Mommy prepared her this time a week ahead and she was doing much better. She was not afraid most of the time and went through the whole process by hugging the brave dragon and holding mommy’s hand, not one tear on her face, what a brave little good girl.  A good prep-talk and role-play at home, changed fear into excitement, she was actually looking forward to the dentist visit. Love and patient is really powerful. 🙂


Then, she became a great assistant and offered her big sister a fish toy so she wouldn’t afraid, so so sweet.
然後,她變成小助手,擔心姐姐會感到害怕,找來一條魚公仔給嘉嘉,好窩心.dentist visit 7

Ready for the check up.
準備好檢查啦.dentist visit 8

Lily was responsible for the water vacuum, so fun.
晴晴負責用吸水器,好好玩. dentist visit 9

dentist visit 10

She actually got to help a little, not just pretending.
她真的有幫忙,不是扮演的.dentist visit 11

She lost interest of real life assisting and decided to floss the dragon teeth instead.
她很快對現實版的助手工作失去興趣,還是幫龍公仔用牙線清潔好玩一點.dentist visit 12

Alexis check up was done. She couldn’t wait to help clean daddy’s teeth.
嘉嘉檢查完畢,她很期待幫爸爸洗牙呢!dentist visit 13

She was a quick learner and so good at her job, the hygienist actually let her do the job by herself. She learned how to turn on and turn off the water vacuum; where to put the tool when the hygienist cleaning daddy’s teeth; how to floss in a patient mouth and how to use the dental tooth polish tool on teeth (daddy said she is a natural, so gentle). She surprised all of us of her hand on skills. It was a early dental training camp for her today and she enjoyed every minute of it.

Here is the video of her cleaning daddy’s teeth with the polishing tool. (Click here)

dentist visit 14

Check up was done. They bought home a lot of little gifts, including tooth brushes, tooth paste, sand timer, bouncy balls and Styrofoam airplanes, lucky them.
檢查完畢,她們帶了很多小禮物回家,牙刷,牙膏,計時沙漏,小彈球和發泡膠飛機,幸運的小女孩!dentist visit 15

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