Lavender Tea with Honey Recipe – Natural sleep aid and relax remedy

We have some Munstead Lavender (an English Lavender) in the front yard, it looks pretty and smell wonderful. Lately, I found out Munstead is one of the popular lavender varieties to use in cooking, all thanks to its sweet and delicate flavor.

I picked some fresh lavenders for tea while the little princesses were napping, it taste really fresh and delicate. Added some honey to the tea, which benefit to the skin and smooth the throat. After a few sips, I was more relax and even a little bit sleepy, it would definitely work for a sleeping aid.

Lavender Tea with Honey Recipe:

Lavenders (Munstead, fresh or dried)            1 Teaspoon (fresh); 1/2 Teaspoon (dried)
Honey                                                                   1 Teaspoon
Hot Water                                                           1 cup

1 Teapot


1. Rinse then pat dry lavenders, put it in the teapot and add hot water, steep covered for 5 minutes. (I steeped for 10 minutes for deeper flavor)

2. Stir in the honey and serve.

Just have to share these pretty tea for one, all hand-painted, love them so much.

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0 thoughts on “Lavender Tea with Honey Recipe – Natural sleep aid and relax remedy

  1. Farming Cherrie

    個teapot 好靚
    btw, 如果用pure honey, 其實唔好用太熱的水, 因為會令honey 變酦
    [版主回覆06/06/2012 07:56:22]Cherrie,我都有聽過沖蜜糖水唔好太熱,否則會變酸.可能因為我煲完水先洗薰衣草,又焗左10分鐘,所以水溫低左少少,然後才加入蜜糖,所以沒有變酸呢.

  2. 伍師奶

    個teapot 好靚wor
    紫色我好like ga.
    [版主回覆06/06/2012 11:29:50]多謝伍師奶,我覺得個teapot真係好好靚,所以一定要買齊兩套

  3. 博師奶

    [版主回覆06/07/2012 13:27:41]希望幫到伯母。記得初次飲用唔好落太多薰衣草同只焗5分鐘,否則好易飲醉茶。

  4. 早早

    [版主回覆06/08/2012 06:54:16]真係好好飲:)

  5. 亞U

    [版主回覆06/09/2012 11:54:36]一點也不苦,清香帶甘,少少甜,非常好飲.


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