Green Onion and Ginger Sauce Recipe

This simple and easy sauce is a common Chinese condiment, usually serve on the side with barbecue pork (known as char siu) and teriyaki chicken as a dipping sauce.  You can also add some of this tasty goodness on steam rice, they are made for each other.

Green Onion and Ginger Sauce Recipe


Green Onion (thin sliced)       3/4 cup
Fresh Ginger (grated)             2 tablespoons
Salt                                          1/2 teaspoon
Vegetable Oil                          4 teaspoons

1. Add green onion, ginger and salt in a glass / metal bowl.
2. Pour sizzling hot vegetable oil on top of green onion and ginger mixture, mix well and serve.

Step back a little while pouring hot oil on the green onion and ginger mixture to avoid oil splatter.

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