Crochet Dress – dress it up or summer cover-up?


This is such a beautiful crochet dress, the first time I saw the picture online, I know I have to make one. I doubled up size 10 cotton thread for this beauty, it was such a labor intensive project, my hands were actually hurt for the repetitive motions after a few days. So, I ended up switching off to other projects back and forth, at some point I got too distracted, took me almost a year to finish it. It happens to me a lot, a project got finished in a few hours, a few days or it will be over a year. I hope I am not alone.

If some length and a few layers of ruffles were added, with a low cut at the back, it would be a nice wedding dress, so gorgeous. I can totally imagine a glowing bride wearing her loose wavy hair down, with some fresh flowers pin on one side right above her ear, put on simple and natural looking make up in a blooming courtyard or in a sandy beach with sunshine. How dreamy a wedding it will be?
The stitches are all basic, nothing difficult, yet this little picot stitches on the neckline and armholes give the garment a nice finishing touch.

A simple pearl necklace is all I need to dress up. It also can be a pretty sun dress on the beach with a floppy hat, sea shell jewelry and sandals, or just be a swim suit cover-up. Maybe I will have a reason to make my hubby hit the beach this year after many years of talking and not going.

Oh, I can’t wait the summer to come and go to the beach, need to start my floppy sun hat project soon. Who wanna crochet or knit along? 3-IMG_0714

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2 thoughts on “Crochet Dress – dress it up or summer cover-up?

    1. littlepandamommy Post author

      Thanks, Kathleen.
      I found this pattern free online a long time ago. I am sorry to tell you I couldn’t find the pattern again. It was on a Japanese website that provide free tutorials and pattern. If I ever come across it again, I will post the link in this post and reply to your comment.


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