Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe

This is my first smoothie made with Vitamix, my hubby bought a sweet cantaloupe, yogurt and a lot of fruits for me to try out the new machine. He is just as excited to play with the blender or I should say enjoying the drinks and food from it. For a well trained home cook who always have to cook with random and not at all go together ingredients (guess who train me for that?), I put this smoothie together as a tester and thought it should taste good. Thanks for all these trainings, it turned out just the way I like it – refreshing and sweet. I will definitely buy some more cantaloupes next time they are on sale, cube them and freeze them, so I always have some on hand for this yummy drink. By the way, this is a healthy drink, cantaloupe provides lot of antioxidants, vitamins and carrots are good for eyes. Something tastes good and actually good for you – priceless.


Cantaloupe Smoothie Recipe

1                      Cantaloupe (peeled, cubed)
2                     Carrots (small, peeled, cut)
1/2                 Cucumber (peeled, seeded, cut)
1/2 cup        Plain Yogurt
Optional     Milk (for thinner consistency)
Optional     Sugar (for extra sweetness)

Vitamix Blender (Model 5200)

1. Add cantaloupe, carrots and cucumber in container, switch variable speed to 1, turn on the machine and slowly increase speed from 1 to 10, use tamper to push down fruits as needed. (Pic 1)

2. Switch on high power until all fruits are well blended and smooth, switch off high power and turn speed from 10 to 1. Power off.

3. Add yogurt and switch from speed 1 to 10, blend for 30 seconds. Check consistency and taste the smoothie, add more yogurt for thicker smoothie and sugar for sweetness if desired. Milk can be added if thinner consistency preferred. (Pic 2)

Pic 1DSC_0110

Pic 2DSC_0111-001

1. Prepare and chill the fruits in refrigerator overnight or at least 2 hours before making smoothie, it will taste even better and more refreshing.
2. If you want the smoothie cold but don’t have time to chill the fruits, add some ice cubes at the end and follow the speed 1 to 10 and high speed process, until all ice cubes are crushed and well blended.

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