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Transplant cut roses

The roses I got from anniversary are bloomed to it fullest, so it is time to transplant them into a pot. I never try this before. Since Eric found this old time method online, we are going to give it a try. If I succeed, the cut roses stems will grow their roots and become bushes. 
We bought 3 pots for the 3 different colors roses, just to see whether we can get them rooted in the first place. After 5-8 weeks, we will dig them out and transplant them into the ground (only if they are successfully rooted). The transplant method is very easy. Here are the instructions:
1. Clean the scissors you are going to use with a mixture of bleach and water (ratio 1:10).
2. Pick out a healthy stem for at least 6 inches long (a straight one is preferred) and cut a 45 degree at the bottom
3. Cut flat on the top of the stem
4. Remove leaves below the bottom 4 inches (you can remove them all if you want)
5. Use a knife or the shape edge of the scissors to wound the bottom 2 inches ( peel the green skin off the stem)
6. Stick the wounded part into a root growing hormone then set it aside
7. Dig a 2 inches deep hole into the soil, put in potting mix and put the stem in at least 2 inches deep
8. Water the stem well and keep it moist all the time (make sure the drainage is good)
9. Put a glass jar to cover the stem for the next 5-8 weeks
10. When you see new leaves grow, you can remove the jar
If you started in a pot and want to transplant it somewhere, follow step 11
11. Carefully remove the plant from the pot and transplant it into ideal location ( the more sun it gets the better it grows. Keep the plants moist for the first two years with good drainage)