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在WordPress訂閱和留言教學 How to subscribe and comment on WordPress

Everyone is learning how to follow (subscribe) new blogs and leave a message in different blog platforms (who migrated from Yahoo blog). I just received a message from a reader pointed out she couldn't follow my new blog or leave a message. Therefore, I write this how-to blog with pictures and text instructions, hope to ease the pain of learning, using and reading in WordPress platform.


Picture 1 圖一

Firstly, I will explain how to leave a message or follow a blog for Non-WordPress users. You do not need to open an account to comment or follow a blog. At the bottom of each blog, there is a box for readers to leave a message (as picture 1), click on it and type your comment. On the other hand, click on the bottom right corner "+Follow" button, enter your email address and you are following my blog. (as picture 2)


Picture 2  圖二Image

After you type the message, enter your email address (don't worry, it won't make public) and name (leave your Yahoo nickname, so I can recognize you), then press the "post comment" button and done. Also, you can choose to use your social account to leave a message, just click on WordPress, Twitter or Facebook icon after you typed the comment.

在留言後,大家只需填上電郵地址(放心,不會公開的)和名字(最好用Yahoo別名,媽媽才會認得大家),就可以按"發送"按鈕.另外,你亦可以選用WordPress, Twitter或Facebook戶口留言.寫好留言後,按下社交戶口的標誌,即可發送留言.

Picture 3  圖三Image

For new WordPress users, there is a "+Follow" button on the 2nd column of the top black bar, click it and you are following your favorite blog immediately. Or you can click on the right side-bar (only on this blog) "Follow Little Panda Mommy Blog" button which located under my picture, done. (Click now so you won't miss out on my future blogs, thank you for your subscription.) Non-WordPress users also can use the later method to follow this blog, just put in your email after clicking the button.

新WordPress用戶們,只要在頁面上方左二的黑色欄位,按下"+Follow"就完成訂閱喜歡網誌的程序.你亦可以在網誌右邊欄位(只適用於此網誌),按下位於媽媽相片下面的"Follow Little Panda Mommy Blog"按鈕,即完成訂閱.(大家快快按鈕訂閱,不要錯過媽媽日後的網誌更新,謝謝你的訂閱啊!)非WordPress用戶亦可用第二種介紹方法訂閱此網誌,只需在按鈕後,填入電郵地址即可.

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