Tulip Etimo鋼鈎針套裝



在網上尋尋覓覓,找來另一個日本品牌Tulip.它和Clover一樣出名質素好,這套 Etimo系列的鋼鈎針套裝,連藍色間條鈎針套出售,很精美.







3 thoughts on “Tulip Etimo鋼鈎針套裝

  1. 我的名字叫悲傷

    [版主回覆04/16/2013 03:15:04]係呀!真係好鐘意個套,又靚又實用。

  2. 小van

    [版主回覆04/16/2013 03:15:29]我在AMAZON US買架

  3. Vicky

    I have just started to learn crocheting too! But I haven't got a set of hooks yet until I am more serious about it Definitely love your set though, very nice!
    [Vicky回覆05/04/2013 23:36:12]I see. I thought the hooks looked really tiny. Now I understand why! Thanks so much for your advice. We do have a Micheal's around and Jo-ann too! 🙂
    [版主回覆05/01/2013 00:52:54]This set is for lace making, not a regualr crochet set. The other set i have for regular crochet is Clover and they have much wider handle and really comfortable to hold.
    If you have a Micheal's nearby, go online and get their 40% off coupon and buy one needle to try and see if you like it. I bought my set all seperate. I went with my husband to get the best price when they have 50% off coupon, 1 per person, 2 per visit, took me 4 visit to get all 8of them they sell. But it will be a ok price if you buy it on amazon and save some gas money . 🙂
    [Vicky回覆04/30/2013 01:54:46]Is the handle still not wide enough for you? Right now I am using my hook without the handle actually and I have been fine so far. I was surprised because I have very sweaty hands!
    [版主回覆04/27/2013 01:50:21]It looks really nice but I hope the handle a bit wider, it should be much more comfortable .


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