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Growing. Learning. Amazing.

Alexis is already  5 months old and talking so much more. She is so pround of all the little things she learned and capable of doing. She loves to talk and sing to the little frog in the jumper and spin it as fast as she can. After she did something, she will look me into the eyes and tell me what she had done. Jumping and bouncing are her favorite activities, of course eating the toys at the same time are some talents. I don't remember when did she started to eat her hand or finger(s) and talk A LOT at the same time. Sometimes she does that in sleep – AMAZING. 

Little princess still learning how to sit alone and crawl. The cute butt is getting higher and higher lately and the body is rising a little bit more also. If you leave her for a few seconds, sometimes longer, she can support her upper body with the hands placed in front of her legs to sit alone. These few days she progressed to sit without the hands support for a little while. Mommy has been holding her hands while she is sitting to help her developing the balance.

Turning her little body 180 degree as she stand was a new discovery yesterday. Today, she mastered the Rasberry Skill and used it while I was feeding her the rice cereal and squash. Oh gosh, both of us are wearing the food but she is definitly proud of it. Love that she trys to walk in that jumper, talks to me then smiles and laughs out loud. She grows so fast that I have to adjust the height on the jumper for the second time, that means she at least 2 inches taller. I let her try to drink from the cup again with milk and apple juice today. This silly baby surely like the juice a lot and want to hold the cup on her own.