New Kitchen Toys 新廚房小助手

I have been looking for some dishes in different shapes and sizes, so the whole family went for a treasure hunt yesterday. To my surprise, I found most the things I was looking for and bring home some extra. A few of the new toys has already been played with (used) tonight, so pretty! Let’s see what my plates hunting turned into, mainly Le Creuset (LC) again, I was as surprised as you are now.


You probably wondering why I brought so much LC stoneware, especially after I had a terrible customer service experience from them recently. Oh well, the price I bought them wasn’t that much different from other brands I would consider, they were on the shelves waving and winking at me, this called “right time, right place, right price”. Even my hubby wasn’t opposite to it and let me pick whatever I wanted. But we agreed, if anything go wrong with these, I will not bother to call their hotline to claim that “warranty” again. We will just buy new one to replace them. When I was opening the packages at home, he couldn’t help himself and tease me about how I bamboozle him to get all these home (rolling my eyes and laughing now). I declare that was a false accuse and I didn’t do such thing, he was the one suggested me to buy even more stuff but I refused.

你是否在疑惑媽媽為甚麼近期才遇上LC客戶服務部的不禮貌對待,為何又會敗一大堆碗碟回家?實情就是”時,地,價錢”都適合,它與其他被考慮的牌子價錢差不多,在貨架上向我揮身又單眼,連肥仔老公也幫忙尋寶,示意媽媽喜歡的都可以敗回家. 我們都有一致共識,假若任何貨品有問題,我們不會致電客戶服務要求”保養”服務,只會買新貨回來代替以免煩惱.回到家中,爸爸看著正在拆貨物的媽媽,不禁取笑說被騙(老屈)買了一大堆東西回家(媽媽反眼兼大笑中).在此聲明,這是一項錯誤的指控,媽媽沒有做過.相反,爸爸全程在東指西指請媽媽買東西回家,卻被媽媽拒絕了.

New kitchen toys picture, so so pretty!
廚房小助手的大合照,好美好美!kitchen toy 7

Can’t help myself to take some pictures of these goodies last night.
媽媽不能控制自己,昨晚已經替新玩具拍照留念.kitchen toys

Looking for “Not made in China” wooden spoons and spatulas for so long, got them at last.
一直在尋找”非中國製”的木匙和木刮,終於找到了. kitchen toy


Another item I looking for a while – wooden/bamboo wide bowl (for sushi rice).
另一種找了很久的東西 – 木製/竹製寛身大碗(壽司飯用)Image

They have most everything I looking for recently for a pretty good price, here is the LC stoneware.
店舖有大部分媽媽需要的小助手,價錢又合理,於是就敗了以下的LC石器.kitchen toys 1

Add some extra colors I didn’t have, white, coral, green (fennel)?
媽媽的LC系列加入新顏色,白色,珊瑚紅和綠色(茴香)?kitchen toy 25

Perfect little square bowl for individual portion.
小小正方形碗很適合單人份量.kitchen toy 20 kitchen toy 22

First time see LC Salt and Pepper Shaker, hope they will work better than those crystal or metal one.

Image kitchen toy 23

LC deep pie dish, white on white, this is rare and pretty.


I was just thinking about changing the condiments containers, then this salt pig is right there, only one in the LC special color – Coral.
媽媽正研究更換調味料盒子,最後一個的LC特別色 -珊瑚紅鹽盅就出現眼前,一定要帶它回家.Image

New wooden utensils need a place to put them, the last crock waved at me, so I brought it home too.

Mini ramekins, desserts and Mexican food night will be prefect match.
迷你小碗, 甜品和墨西哥晚餐的最佳配搭.kitchen toy 21


The heart shape pot is Cherry red, the stoneware are all Coral red, this is the best I can show through the picture. Can you tell them apart?
心心煲是櫻桃紅色,新買的石器都是珊瑚紅色,這是拍得最佳的一幅對比照片,你能看得出分別嗎?kitchen toy 26

The specific things I was hunting for – plates. Both plates made in Italy, so gorgeous.
今次尋寶的目標 – 碟.兩隻碟都是意大利出品,漂亮極了.
Image kitchen toy 19

kitchen toy 18


Tried out tonight already. Hubby’s secret recipe T-bone steaks look so good in it.
今晚試用了新碟.老公的秘製T骨牛扒看上去特別靚仔.new plate 1

new plate

The strawberries look so juicy and yummy on a fancy plate.
在靚靚碟子上的士多啤梨,看上去多汁又美味.new plate 2

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