7 months old

Alexis is already 7 months old. She starts to notice the surroundings more and likes to look at strangers. The cutest thing is when she feels shy, her little arms hold around me, turning her head toward me but peeking through in 2 seconds. She likes pee-a-boo so much and giggles loud. It makes me laugh too.

We let her tried to use a straw to drink on the day she turned 7 months old. Wow, she mastered it in 2 minutes and enjoyed it a lot. She loves to drink from a regular cup the most but I perfer the non-drip slippy cup for now, at least for the sake of clean up.
She has been "da da da" a lot and makes a lot other vowes that I can't recall them all. Enjoying the unknown words of communication, I will remember all these moments with my little precious.

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